At first they'll ask you why you are doing it.  Later, they'll ask you how you did it.

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What I know

I am passionate about the benefits of cannabis oil, which has provided exceptional results to myself as a Diabetic and patients with a wide variety of conditions.

Some include cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, Lupus, arthiritis only but to name a few. All very well documented.

My personal journey and experience over many years of conventional insulin treatment.  Regular hospitalisation and trying to find that balance to live a life with vigour and energy, led me to start this site, write a blog and account my experience.

I was fortunate enough to discover the benefits of cannabis oil as an alternative, to helping me manage my condition.  At first I was not sure and somewhat sceptical.  I've done so much research and never really considered this as an alternative.

Any improvement from my perspective is good.  A better quality of life and an extension in thereof is what I aim to achieve.  Moving away from continuous chemical treatments and reducing my reliance on conventional medication in exchnage for a natural solution, was the best choice I ever made.

I champion wellness, not getting high, and want to remove some of the unfound stigmas surrounding cannabis. I have learnt through trial and error and found the correct tincture that worked for me and  many others with the same challenges, only wanting to improve their health and live a longer life.


The powerful benefits of medical cannabis oil.  Read my BLOG page which carries some pertinent information on research and some documentaries of personal accounts and research on this subject.

Note:  All content is shared and only used for information purposes, not as medical advice.  Every individual case is unique.  Consult your Doctor or specialist.

What We Do

I want to ensure that anyone who like me is struggling with a major illness. Looking for alternative natural way's to supplement their current treatment and improve their health and wellbeing.

My dependancy on insulin has decreased, my energy levels have improved and my sugar levels are less erratic.  Something I haven't felt in years. 

Spending much off my adult life in and out of hospitals with DKA and organs just about to shutdown, spells of Hyper and Hypo glaecemia.  This is my daily life and struggle.  I had to find another way or my story was going to end early.